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Changes in real estate prices in Montenegro.

The most expensive housing in Montenegro can be found near the sea coast and in the capital, while the most significant price increase is observed in the north of the country.
The Statistical Office of Montenegro data groups average prices per square meter into the following categories:
1. The coastal region, which includes the cities of Bar, Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat and Ulcinj.
2. The central region, which includes Cetinje, Danilovgrad, Niksic, Tuzi and Zeta.
3. The northern region, covering the cities of Andrivica, Berane, Belo Pole, Gusinje, Kolasin, Mojkovac, Petnica, Plav, Pljevlja, Pljine, Rojai, Shavnik and Zabljak.
Transactions in the primary market include transactions between the developer and the buyer of residential buildings and premises in Montenegro. The price in the primary market is determined by the developer and depends on various factors, including construction costs, location, layout and the use of modern technologies.
The secondary market, on the contrary, is characterized by more flexible prices, which are set by the owners and can change depending on demand, the condition of the property and other factors.