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How does housing insurance work in Montenegro

and how to arrange it.

Home insurance is an important type of protection that can be useful if you have a property in Montenegro and you want to protect yourself from unexpected events that may cause losses to your home. A fire, gas explosion, robbery, natural disasters, or even the negligence of neighbors who forgot to turn off the faucet in the bathroom can lead to serious losses or even the complete loss of your home or apartment. Housing insurance helps to partially or completely compensate for such losses.

To do this, you need to sign an insurance contract with a reliable insurance company.

Our company, which is a partner of the largest insurance companies in Montenegro, is ready to provide you with the best choice of insurance products.

The following important points will be specified in this agreement:

  • What exactly are you insuring?
  • Which events will be considered as insurance events.
  • The amount for which you want to insure your home.

After signing the contract, you will regularly pay insurance premiums. If an insured event does occur, the company will assess the damage and pay you the amount stipulated in the contract. In general, the work of housing insurance in Montenegro is similar to insurance in other countries.

What can be insured in an apartment or house:

You can insure almost everything in your apartment or house, starting with the housing itself and its contents. Insurance companies usually offer the following insurance options:

  • Structural elements, including floor, ceiling, walls, partitions, balconies and loggias.
  • Engineering equipment such as pipes, meters, wiring and other communications.
  • Interior decoration, including floor and ceiling coverings, wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster, windows, doors and other decorative elements.
  • Movable property such as appliances, furniture and valuable personal items.
  • Ownership, which is called title insurance, which can help in case of fraud when buying real estate.

It is important to remember that the insured amount should not exceed the value of your real and movable property in order to avoid overpayment for insurance.

When applying for insurance, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Find out if the franchise can be used. The deductible is the amount that you are willing to cover yourself in the event of an insured event. It can reduce the cost of insurance.
  • Read the reviews about the insurance company to find out how it handles insurance claims and payments.
  • When applying for insurance, make sure that you have provided all the necessary documents and signed the contract.

In case of an insured event, follow the following steps:

  • Report the case to the insurance company within the prescribed period.
  • Contact the appropriate service or authority to record what happened.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents and provide them to the insurance company.
  • Wait for the decision of the insurer, who will assess the damage and, in case of a positive decision, will pay you compensation.

Please note that the insurance may not be paid if the insured event does not comply with the terms of the contract, or if your action or omission led to an insured event. Carefully study the terms of the insurance contract to avoid misunderstandings.

If you are interested in purchasing insurance for your home, contact our company today. We are ready to provide you with additional information and help you choose the best insurance option for you and your property. Do not take risks without proper protection, purchase insurance today and quietly enjoy your accommodation in Montenegro.