The process of buying real estate in Montenegro

The process of buying real estate in Montenegro

The entire process of acquiring real estate in Montenegro is under the strict supervision of a Montenegrin notary.

1. Object selection:
Our managers will help you choose the right property, responding to your requests and providing a variety of options.

2. Preparation for the transaction:
Making a deposit is the first step after choosing an object. This is a confirmation of your interest in real estate.

3. Booking a notary:
The coordination of the date and time with the Montenegrin notary is the next stage. In advance, it is necessary to provide the notary with all the documents so that he can check the object for the legality of the alienation.

4. Translator in your language:
If you do not speak Montenegrin or Serbian, then you will also need a court interpreter. His task is to read out the purchase and sale agreement in your native language and settle all the details and wishes on the transaction.

5. Signing the contract and payment:
After signing the purchase and sale agreement, the buyer makes the payment. The seller confirms receipt of funds to the notary.

6. Registration in the cadastre:
After confirmation from the seller, the notary sends the documents for registration. It remains to wait for the completion of this stage and receive a certificate of ownership. In Montenegro, it is called the secrecy sheet.

Our team organizes all the stages, ensuring the ease and reliability of the process. Together with us, every step is confidence in a successful deal.