Map Montenegro

Districts of Montenegro

Bar is an ancient city with a rich history, where ancient streets are intertwined with a modern atmosphere. The area offers a variety of housing, from traditional stone houses to modern apartments. The bar perfectly combines the tranquility of coastal life and the possibilities of an urban lifestyle. Conveniently located on the plain, the Bar also attracts with its convenient geographical location. This provides easy access to all the amazing sights and the coast, making it an ideal place for a comfortable life.

Budva is a picturesque city known for its beaches and cultural heritage. This is the calling card of the Montenegrin coast. The area offers a variety of accommodation, from standard comfortable apartments in the city center to elegant apartments with sea views. Budva attracts both beach lovers and connoisseurs of history and culture.

Kotor is an ancient city surrounded by the walls of the Old City and located on the shore of the bay of the same name. Every season Kotor attracts the attention of numerous tourist liners, bringing with them travelers from different parts of the world. This unique city becomes a berth for many modern ships, providing visitors with an amazing opportunity to discover its beauty. The area offers unique opportunities for those who dream of living in an authentic atmosphere. Here you can find both old houses and modern apartments offering magnificent views of the bay.

Herceg Novi is a green and cozy city where nature and history are combined. The area provides opportunities for living surrounded by natural oases. Herceg Novi, often referred to as the "city of 1000 steps", impresses with its landscape, which includes many steps leading to spectacular views and historical attractions. In addition, health resorts are located in this unique area, providing the opportunity to immerse yourself in wellness treatments surrounded by amazing nature. There is a variety of housing to choose from: from houses with private gardens to modern apartments in new complexes and private villas with private berths.

Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro, offering modern apartments and business opportunities. The area is actively developing, attracting both local residents and foreign investors. A large number of new complexes are being built. Podgorica is an educational center, home to prestigious educational institutions in Montenegro. Here, students find a unique atmosphere for learning and development, making the city an attractive educational point on the country's map. Accommodation in Podgorica is represented by various options — from central apartments to country houses.

Tivat with the beautiful Porto Montenegro is a place where luxury and tradition merge together. This area offers unique opportunities for those who appreciate elegance and style. Porto Montenegro is a unique combination of urban energy and yacht luxury. The area offers a wide range of luxury properties: from stylish apartments with sea views to luxury villas, where every day becomes an adventure. Porto Montenegro is not just a place to live, it is a lifestyle for the elite.

The north of Montenegro provides unique opportunities to purchase real estate in picturesque places where mountain landscapes are combined with quiet oases of nature. Here you will find a variety of houses and apartments offering a warm atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of country life. Buying a property in the north of Montenegro is a chance to find a cozy home surrounded by nature and mountains, creating an ideal space for a comfortable life, as well as investing in developing tourism.