A house for long-term rent in Utekha with a gorgeous view

The house is located 5 minutes from the sea.
A quiet, picturesque place with a beautiful green courtyard and a terrace overlooking the sea.
Large kitchen with all necessary appliances, including a dishwasher
located on the ground floor, as well as a bathroom and a living room.
On the second floor there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.
Each room has access to a balcony overlooking the sea.
Split system.
There is parking for 3 spaces and a garage.
Dogs are allowed, provided that dogs live outside (there is a room for dogs under the stairs)
Payment terms: first month, last and deposit.

Cost 1000 euros plus commercial payments.

Number of bedrooms: 4

Floor: 2

City: Bar

Parking: garage

Area: 150

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