Medicine of Northern Cyprus

Medicine of Northern Cyprus

Public medicine in Northern Cyprus is represented by modern polyclinics and hospitals, which are equipped according to European standards and have highly qualified medical staff. Patients, both locals and foreigners, can receive free medical care in these institutions.

In addition, an ambulance call is available free of charge to all residents of the island, which is a significant advantage compared to some European countries where an ambulance call is charged.

Dental services are an exception, as there are no public dental offices in Northern Cyprus. Nevertheless, local dentists are highly professional, and prices for services are lower than in Europe, which attracts foreign patients.

Private hospitals and clinics are also well represented on the island and offer more comfortable service conditions, an individual approach to patients and a wide range of medical services. Many wealthy residents and migrants prefer examinations and treatment in these institutions.

Foreigners can choose between receiving medical services in public institutions or obtaining special medical insurance for services in private clinics. The cost of medical services in Northern Cyprus is lower than in developed European countries, but in the case of serious diseases, significant costs may arise. Therefore, emigrants should carefully study the prices for medical services and consider the possibility of purchasing health insurance.

Pharmacies on the island offer a wide range of over-the-counter medicines, and pharmacists speak several languages, including Turkish, English and Russian.