Flag of Northern Cyprus

The process of buying a property in Cyprus

It is easy to buy a property in Northern Cyprus.

1. Object selection. Under the strict supervision of our manager, you choose the right property.

2. Preparation for the transaction. A special reservation form is being filled out. It records the exchange rate, purchase terms and installment terms, if applicable.
Making a deposit is an important step after choosing a property. Usually the deposit is 1-5 thousand pounds (or other currency equivalent). The developer makes reservations for an average of 3-4 weeks.

3. Preparation of the purchase and sale agreement and signing. PREP is prepared by either a developer or a lawyer. Then the buyer and the developer sign the contract. Moreover, the signing of the contract is even possible remotely. Many buyers do not even arrive on the island when they purchase real estate.

4. Transfer of funds. After signing the PREP, the buyer makes the payment. The peculiarity of Northern Cyprus is that you can pay for the purchase not only by bank transfer to the developer's account. You can make a payment in cash or cryptocurrency. Any third party can even pay for the buyer. In Northern Cyprus, it is not necessary to show and prove the origin of funds, as in many other countries.

5. Registration. After completing the payment transactions, the transaction is registered with the tax and land registry.

Our team organizes all the stages, ensuring the ease and reliability of the process. Together with us, every step is confidence in a successful deal.